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anevia-worldmapAnevia has an extensive range of IPTV and video on demand solutions that are used to stream content across fixed and mobile networks. They are used to deliver live TV and video on demand services for fixed and mobile telecom operators, cable operators, broadcasters, hospitality service providers and corporate companies worldwide.

Anevia’s solutions are often proposed as components within larger service deployments. To facilitate the purchasing process and ensure full local maintenance and support following deployment, we propose partnership agreements with resellers, system integrators, OEMs and service providers.

Why Anevia?

With over 1000 deployments in 70 countries representing millions of users and more than 25,000 live channels, Anevia’s technical expertise and experience in IPTV and video on demand are proven.

Our solutions are all software-based and have been specifically developed for easy integration in IP networks and services. They can be deployed on mainstream hardware and their open architecture ensures simple interoperability with other products such as set-top boxes and middleware applications. Our partner ecosystem already comprises over 100 leading market suppliers. Many of our hospitality and corporate solutions are delivered as “in the box” products for a “plug and stream” approach, speeding deployment and reducing installment costs. Anevia’s solutions have centralized management for easy administration of services. They are also customizable, allowing features to be changed via HTTP user interfaces.

Anevia is aware that cost optimization is a priority for our partners and customers. For this reason we have been careful to ensure that while our products ensure the highest standards of service quality and performance they are also cost effective both in terms of capital investment and optimization of system resources.

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